Thoughts on the Decline of Hardcore Gaming

Greeting, random link-clickers and loyal followers alike. (all 3 of you)

This article is not meant to alienate the players of the games listed below, many of which I play. Als, this is simply what goes on inside my head. Feel free to sound off in the comments with your views. (Basically where did I screw up?) This is a piece of the decline of hardcore gaming, of a time gone by when only the truly skilled could get the sense of accomplishment that came with a completion of a video game. Now, everybody can get that because the games are so easy.

Accessibility is great, but it makes some people think too much of themselves.

Case in point. These kids sure think they are hardcore.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – REVIEW

Firstly, this review was not written by me. This has been reprinted from Amazon’s reviews of the game. This particular review was written by Jason Mendelssohn, and the original link is below. I have made a few formatting edits & added pictures, but it is otherwise untouched.

Secondly, this is a bloody brilliant game and a bloody brilliant review.

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I believe I can FLY!!!!!!

The End…


That annoyed you, didn’t it? *hi-fives self*

This blog post isn’t actually a review, it’s just a heads- up for what’s in store. As you may or may not have heard, Arduino is an open-source hardware project, sort of the opposite of Android. (Android provide software for devices, Arduino provides devices for software)

I got interested in Arduino when I heard how a hacker replicated an Altair (first personal computer ever) with Arduino, and another created an analog rotary telephone Twitter handler. I got really interested when I heard that I could add stuff to an Arduino logic board that had never been added before and contribute it to the open source community.

This was the clincher that made me settle with Arduino. Since the age of 7, 5 years ago, I had always wanted to fly. As I learnt from middle school physics, I would need a machine. I was going to make it a Jetpack, but some jerks in America made it first. (Just kidding – hats off to you guys at Martin Jetpack) So now I’ve decided that I will make a sort of hoverjet, and it will be powered by an Arduino logic board. I’ll keep you posted, hopefully I’ll finish before my eighth grade science fair.

EDIT: If anyone has any experience with Arduino or avionic engineering, please drop me a line as a comment below. Thanks!